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Post 6 – From Working Out to Working In

26 Oct

If you live in the South Jersey area, you know Hurricane Sandy is on the horizon. The impending storm can potentially cause problems when it comes to traveling, which also means getting to the gym.

Working out at home can be an efficient alternative if you can’t get to the gym. John Costantino, a 19-year-old junior, had his car break down on Thursday and could not get to the gym. Despite the inconvenience, Costantino went trough his workout routine with objects around the house.

(John Costantino stretching out his hamstrings before his at home workout to prevent inuries / Photo taken by Tyler Mulvey)

(John Costantino, an experienced lifter, prefers diamond push ups to traditional push ups / Photo taken by Tyler Mulvey)

(Tricep dips can be done on any surface. Costantino chooses two chairs / Photo taken by Tyler Mulvey)

 (“Sprints raise my heart rate and really get my blood pumping. I love to end my workouts with them,” says Costantino / Photo taken by Tyler Mulvey)

 (Studies show that soy, whey, and casein protein taken after a workout builds muscle / Photo taken by Tyler Mulvey)