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Post 10 – So Close You Can Taste It

1 Dec

By now you have probably started to see some improvements in the gym. Lifting more weight, higher endurance, or maybe even a boost in your self confidence.

My blog thus far has primarily taken a look at the proper techniques in the gym. However, outside the gym is just as important- what you’re putting inside your body during the “golden hours,” if you will.

The popular website, AskMen, says, “consume about 0.8 grams of carbohydrate per 2.2 pounds of body weight within 30 to 60 minutes after your workout.

Below I am going to lay out for you a meal plan for one day along with recipes linked to each food.  These meals will compliment your time in the gym nicely. For more suggestions, feel free to message me or drop a comment below!

Breakfast: Steel Oats. If desired, substitute the brown sugar for some blueberries for natural sugar and a different flavor. Drink either a glass of orange juice, milk, or water with it.

Snack: If you need something to hold you over between breakfast and lunch, a protein bar is a wise choice. Women’s Health recommends the Pure Organic Cranberry Orange bar. This completely organic bar has six grams of protein as well as 200 calories.

Lunch: Turkey Sandwich. The benefits of turkey sandwiches are almost parallel with it’s connivence. It is easy to eat on the go and plentiful in almost any restaurant or diner.

Snack: In between lunch and dinner is sometimes the hardest period to stay loyal to healthy eating. My recommendation is to visit a farmers market on the weekend and load up on fruits and vegetables to snack on throughout the week. South Jersey is not shy to having great farmers markets. Three popular ones are:

1. Springdale Farms: Cherry Hill, New Jersey

2. Duffield’s Farm Market: Sewell, New Jersey

3. Mood’s Farm Market: Mullica Hill, New Jersey

Dinner: Men’s Fitness recommends chicken sausage over whole wheat penne pasta with tomato sauce and broccoli as a good post workout dinner. The fact that it only takes about 25 minutes to make is the icing on the cake…err…dressing on the salad.

Although this is only one day of healthy eating, it is easy to get an idea of where this is going. This meal plan should be used as a launching point for the second day, third day, fourth day, and so on. Eating healthy for most is the hardest part of maintaining ones physical physique, however, after a while those Big Macs and cheese steaks won’t look anywhere near as appealing as they once used to.