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29 Sep

Just the fact that you’re reading this right now means you are taking a step in the right direction to living a healthy lifestyle in South Jersey, CONGRATULATIONS!

Taking initiative and finding the motivation to live a healthier lifestyle is often the hardest part- you just accomplished both.

What you can expect in the coming weeks is a complete guide to fitness and health in South Jersey. Following this blog will detail the ways you can lose weight, add muscle, or just maintain your figure in the best most healthy way possible.

As a student of Rowan University whose home is up North, I had no choice but to adapt to my surroundings in South Jersey. I have discovered by trial and error a lot of different resources for staying fit in this environment. I hope to relay these methods to you.

Where to exercise, workouts, meal plans, and tips are going to be outlined in order for you to have the most success and beneficial growth. Beginning a new workout plan is a marathon, not a sprint. Together we’re going to accomplish our goals and be in the best personal shape of our lives.